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Memories make you laugh when your heart is breaking

January 28, 2016  •  2 Comments


His name is Kurt, he's the one with just a hint of a smile on the left. He is my friend Judy's husband and a member of our church; sadly he passed away last Saturday. I was looking through photos three days ago for anything I could find of him for her and several things struck me.  _MG_0341_MG_0341

Quite honestly I didn't know him well, but I remember talking to him several times as I worked the coffee cart at church or stood talking to his wife. He always seemed very quiet, but the good sort of quiet that made you feel like everything he said was important and that if he gave you a complement you might stick it in your back pocket and hold onto it for a week because it wasn't lightly given. The sort of fellow who might be loyal to a fault and quiet in public but who's wit kept those close to him calling him the life of the party. _MG_9450_MG_9450 The thing is, I would not have remembered all that except that I was looking through these photos of a wedding I shot over two years ago and suddenly all the little bits I had seen of his character came rushing back to me. The photos are not brilliant, I've grown in my craft since then, but that's the thing about photos – they don't need to be perfect to evoke a memory. _MG_9361_MG_9361 I remember standing there and laughing with these boys as one of them tried to make the statue “decent”, and after seeing this photo I remember that Kurt was the first to laugh. Take photos my friends, and even more, as Missy MWAC says, "print what you want to preserve." Get those photos out where you can see them every day, where the memories hold you up in rough times and make you laugh in good times- print what you want to preserve...


Please pray for Judy as she finds her feet in walking this path before her and take a few minutes to look back through your photos and remember why you love the people in them.


I love you. I love this. Tears running. Beautifully written. ❤️
Praying for your friend and all who loved him! So sorry to hear such sad news.
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