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And two became Fishers

July 29, 2015  •  1 Comment

   I have had the explicit pleasure of knowing Heather and Chip, (admittedly the former considerably better than the latter), since he was merely a possible hope on the horizon. It has been such a joy to witness their friendship grow into love and what was once just a simple "I can teach you to surf" turn into "I want to stay by your side forever." The glow that comes into Heather's face when she talks about her new husband, even to tease him (let's be honest, this is Heather), is not your everyday happy- it's something truly good. A fact that is not lost on Chip, who for his part is equally smitten with his bride and ready to hand her the world if it were to cross his path. Enjoy this peek into day one of their "to have and to hold for keeps."

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Congratulations to the newest Fishers! May you always find joy in serving each other....
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John Luzzi of Mr DJ


Heather Fisher(non-registered)
Miranda, thank you for being a huge part of our wedding day. You are an incredible photographer and friend. You will always be our go to photographer!
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