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Charles and Mavis...National Pink Flamingo Day

June 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've long had a small love affair with pink plastic flamingos- no idea why- something about their sheer "ridiculous meets whimsy" factor makes them one of my favorite things. Furthermore I've always thought that my love for them was one of my more adorable quirks...I've been firmly assured that this is not the truth. I mentioned how much I like them to my, now husband, then boyfriend, when we passed a certain home on the Santa Monica water front that was forcibly covered in them. He was unimpressed and tried to persuade me that this relegated me to the likes of a mid sixties Florida snowbird, I agreed, but fourteen years later I still don't see the problem. The response has been much the same over the years as I've discussed their charm with this friend or that- ranging from "really? that seems so unlike your classy self," to outright disappointment in my character. No matter, I stand by my convictions- plastic flamingos are chic. I have six...all given to me with love from my mother-in-law, (okay so technically some of them belong to the children- whatever). They can't come out all at once, that would be tacky of course, there's rules of deportment, but one or two is in constant residence. This is Charles and Mavis, they're very happy in their kingdom of struggling plants, (I do not have a green thumb). Today, on National Pink Flamingo Day. I salute them and their unfailing stance to let me be myself and like what I like. I like you C & M- I like you. 


(and three cheers for poor Mr Donald Featherstone who invented said birdies and passed away yesterday, thank you sir for fueling my imagination).


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