The Kinship Perspective | Sarah Fisher's Senior Shoot

Sarah Fisher's Senior Shoot

April 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was so excited to shoot this sweet girl's photos. She has been a part of my high school small group for the past four years, energetic, kind, fun, and totally herself. When I had a group of sophmore girls she was my only freshman- and has continued to be the "only" of each grade for these past years. Which makes sense- she's completly comfortable being exactly who she is. Sarah, thank you for being just who your are; a beautiful, engaging girl who's friendship is an honor.  2015-04-23_00012015-04-23_0001 2015-04-23_00022015-04-23_0002 2015-04-23_00092015-04-23_0009 2015-04-23_00042015-04-23_0004 2015-04-23_00102015-04-23_0010 2015-04-23_00062015-04-23_0006 2015-04-23_00072015-04-23_0007 2015-04-23_00082015-04-23_0008




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