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Laura's Bridals

February 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So I had the pleasure of doing this gorgeous girl's bridal photos; and now that her wedding has happened I can share them with you!! I can't tell you how impatient I was getting while waiting for her wedding day to come. This is another one who's beauty radiates from the inside. Congratulations Laura (and James)! Go see one more on instagram at @mssdphoto mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-2mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-2 mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-26mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-26 mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-31mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-31 mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-29mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-29 mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-32mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-32 mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-3mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-3 mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-19mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-19 mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-21mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-21 mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-23mssdphoto-laura'sbridals, 2014-23


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