The Kinship Perspective | An urban affair... Jake & Elizabeth's Engagement

An urban affair... Jake & Elizabeth's Engagement

November 06, 2015  •  3 Comments

These two...these two make my heart happy. From when Liz was barely more than a baby herself and already watching my babies, to her tentative interest in this redhead who was showing up at her door, to him sitting on our couch asking for our blessing as he discussed asking for her hand, to...oh happy heart. I can't tell you how excited I was to photograph two of my favorites in my favorite style and all the lovely places I dragged them around to. Art is always always an expression of one's heart, so it stands to reason that photographing those you love in a style you're passionate about, is going to effortlessly come together just as you wanted it to- it did. All the more so because the love and respect and joy that they feel for each other is all over their sleeves and faces...

Jake and Lizzy's engagement photos:

    I truely love you both.
Vendor/location love
Polite Provisions- Old school twenties style bar with argueably the best drinks in town
The Palomar Hotel- Darling botique hotel in downtown San Diego just a few steps from everything


Sue Smith(non-registered)
Beautiful couple, inside and out. Many blessings to them. Kudos to Miranda for capturing the essence of their love. Well done!!!
Kathleen Preddy(non-registered)
These are perfect! I adore them. Yay for my beautiful family!
Linda Sizemore(non-registered)
Guess what??? I love these two also. This was the perfect setting for them .
Miranda, you make them even more beautiful with your great shots!
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