The Kinship Perspective | About

     Hi there! I'm Miranda. My desire when starting this business nine years ago was to frame the ultimate blend of art and relationships; two things I endevor to forge in my life. My goal is to bring beauty, passion, and just a hint of cheek to every moment that I photograph. A few things to let you in on:

  • I can be bribed with good coffee, tacos, and scotch; perhaps not together
  • In my house is the best husband I've ever met and three short people who are two parts red headed, one part darling, and all parts personality
  • My spoken languages include excessive english and enough French/Spanish/Sign Language to help me find a coffee shop
  • I have one or three of the best second shooters a wedding photographer could ever ask for- the mind reading is on point and our styles meld seamlessly
  • Mac and Canon speak my language but we can still be friends if you PC and Nikon
  • In a totally unconfirmed statement it's been said that the last wedding couple that asked me to help them write their wedding day timeline got invited over for breakfast for dinner and a bloody mary making contest
  • If you ever build a time machine please come get me and drop me in the 1920's for a month or five
  • Jesus is enough for all my nonsense but I'm terribly grateful he made people for this part right here where I don't quite get to look him in the face 
  • I've yet to ever make it through the mother/son first dance without a tear all up in my eyeballs- something about the "I have to do that.....someday!" (5% discount to anyone who read the word "someday" in the same voice as Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally," you are my people).

         Ask me anything, I like questions and I love knowing what makes your heart hum...